Odeon Circle

The Chinatown Gate at the Odean Roundabout symbolizes the beautiful Thai-Chinese culture. It has become a landmark of the Chinatown in Thailand. The gate sits at the intersection of three roads in the Yaowarat district which used to be the entertainment hub of Bangkok in the olden days. A movie theater called "Odeon Cinema" was an audience magnet back in the day when it was still operational. The Chinatown Gate was built in 1999 to commemorate the 72nd birthday of King Rama IX. Notice how it is decorated with white lion jade statues which are considered as auspicious beings according to the Chinese belief. Stand on the brass plate near the Gate and worship all four directions to receive blessings from heaven. The Odean Roundabout is the center of by many sacred sites, including Wat Traimitr and the Guan Yin Shrine. Next time you're in Chinatown, don't forget to stop by and admire this cultural landmark.

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