Singapore Potchana

Lot Chong is a kind of cendol made from tapioca starch. The green jellies are served with fragrant coconut milk, palm sugar, and crushed ice. It is a perfect dessert to help cool you down on hot days. You might be misled by the name "Lot Chong Singapore" that this wonderful dessert originated in Singapore. In fact, it's got its name from a shop that first sold this variation of cendol in Bangkok. The shop was located in front of a cinema named "Singapore Movie Theater," hence its name "Singapore Pochana." People then nicknamed this menu "Lot Chong Singapore" which becomes its present name. The original recipe has these delicious green jellies served in a glass, topped with creamy coconut milk and sugar. Crushed ice is added and finally embellished with diced delightful jackfruit.

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