Dragon Temple Kammalawat (Leng Noei Yi)

Wat Leng Noei Yi was built in 1871 in the Southern Chinese style of architecture. Its Chinese name means “dragon and lotus”, which can be translated in Thai as “mangkon”. Therefore the Thai name of this temple is “Wat Mangkon Kamalawat”, often called for short as “Wat Mangkon”. It houses images of the Lord Buddha, Bodhisattva, Chinese deities, including the four guardians of the world. The temple is a Chinatown’s landmark and is the community center for Thai-Chinese cultural events. It is at its most vibrant during the Chinese New Year and Vegetarian (Jay) Festival. People visit this place all year round to pray for good fortune and longevity. Wat Mangkon is different from other conventional Buddhist temples in Thailand as it is a living monastery with resident Chinese monks and directly administered by the Chinese Buddhist order of the Sangha in Thailand.

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