Nahm Restaurant @The Metropolitan

Nahm serves Thai cuisine with its iconic spicy and flavorful taste. The diverse line-up of menus ranges from rare food to a large variety of Thai traditional desserts. The restaurant is also guaranteed by Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants and one Michelin star. “Ma Hor” is an excellent choice of appetizers. This traditional snack is made with minced shrimp, chicken, and ground peanuts, placed on top of pineapple slices. The sweet and sour elements will make your every bite a perfect one. Next, try the all-time-favorite blue crab in coconut milk curry. Don’t forget the recommended “Som Chun” or lychee in syrup topped with ginger and deep-fried shallot. If you’d like something simpler, try durian and sticky rice. A surprise endnote: the owner and the chef of this restaurant are not Thais but Australians who are passionate about Thai food!

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