Wat Rakhangkhositaram

Rakhan Khositaram Temple has a fascinating history. Formerly known as “Wat Bang Wa Yai,” its origin can be dated back to the Ayutthaya Period. King Taksin the Great commanded the estab-lishment of his royal palace to be near this ancient temple which then served as the residing mon-astery of the Supreme Patriarch of Thailand—the head of all Buddhist monks in the country. As time passed by to the early Rattanakosin Period, an excavation unveiled a bell which gave a stun-ning sound. King Rama I ordered its relocation to Wat Phra Kaew. He had five new bells sent back to the original temple and gave it a new name which means “the temple with resonant bells.” The mural paintings inside the ordination hall are highly acclaimed for their animated and aesthet-ic details. The exquisite prang, which is a pagoda or the conical-shaped spire, situated in front of the temple’s viharn or assembly hall became the model for the following era’s pagodas in Thailand.

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